Spacegirl Anastasia in the Alien Slime

Spacegirl Anastasia has landed on an Alien Planet in the Hentai Galaxy to find out more about the capture and control techniques these Hentains have been using to Sexually Invade the female Earth captives! Anastasia first becomes aware that her surroundings are unusual and is immediately "On Guard"! As she enters a glowing tunnel, Spacegirl Anastasia feels the first drips of a sticky, goo that immediately begins to spread to her breasts, sliding off her protective uniform! The more Anastasia tries to keep the Hentai Slime from covering her exposed and aroused tits, the further the Slime progresses down her body towards her nervously Pulsating Pussy! Before she has a full understanding of her Extreme Predicament, the SLIME has taken control of her HOT SNATCH!!! What do the Hentains have in store for our SLIME CONTROLLED SPACEGIRL???
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Anastasia Pierce in the Alien Slime
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Spacegirl Anastasia Pierce has been left totally defenseless against the onslaught of the Alien Slime, leaving her struggling to discover it's source on Planet Hentai! As Anastasia turns, she realizes that the Hentai Rocks are oozing this Slime which is holding her as a Naked Captive and does not see the Sucking Pussy Creature that has advanced on her! Horrified, Anastasia realizes that this strange creature is now Slithering up her body, using the "Slime" to lock onto her unprotected HOT NUDE BODY!!! The "Pussy Creature" first slithers up to her mouth, as she tries to defend herself, "Orally Injecting" her with a "Control Agent"! Now Spacegirl Anastasia's Pussy is fully OPEN to the Advance and Insertion of this Terrifying "Snatch Creature"!!! Once the "Hentai Pussy Creature" inserts itself into Anastasia's Wide Open and Waiting Pussy, it "Lock's In" and the more she tries to pull it out, the faster this Creature gorges itself on her Pussy Juices!!! She is now overcome by the Pussy Creatures Sucking and is CAPTIVE on PLANET HENTAI!!!