Masuimi Max in Alien Capture

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Spacegirl Masuimi Max is in the second phase of her training; getting familiar with the ULTRA Pulse Ray! Masuimi loves weapons and gets a CHARGE bringing the Pulse Ray" close to her HOT PUSSY! Now "Fully Loaded" and "Ready For Action", Masuimi is, again, disarmed by the ULTRA captured Alien Tentacles and is forced to use her "Feminine Wiles" and "Sexual Charisma" to get out of this new phase of the training!
MasuimiMaxSpaceWarrior2_0001 MasuimiMaxSpaceWarrior2_0007 MasuimiMaxSpaceWarrior2_0014 MasuimiMaxSpaceWarrior2_0044 MasuimiMaxSpaceWarrior2_0052
MasuimiMaxSpaceWarrior2_0055 MasuimiMaxSpaceWarrior2_0062 MasuimiMaxSpaceWarrior2_0066 MasuimiMaxSpaceWarrior2_0078 MasuimiMaxSpaceWarrior2_0083
MasuimiMaxSpaceWarrior2_0085 MasuimiMaxSpaceWarrior2_0087 MasuimiMaxSpaceWarrior2_0089 MasuimiMaxSpaceWarrior2_0097 MasuimiMaxSpaceWarrior2_0100
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