Masuimi Max Galactic Warrior

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Spacegirl Warrior Masuimi Max begins her Galactic Weapons Training with an Alien Metal Samurai Sword designed to cut through all of the Extraterrestrial entities known by the ULTRA scientists at the Spacegirl Center. Masuimi is also equipped with the latest in Spacegirl Protective Latex which forms a bond with her skin the is nearly impenetrable!
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Masuimi Max has been well known to be Turned On by Danger and Weapons, making her the Ultimate Sex Warrior! During her training session she strips off her Protective Latex to display her ability to attract the Evil Aliens with her Hot Naked Flesh! Masuimi knows that as these Alien forces try to Probe her Sex Organs she will wield a Mean Weapon and start her cutting!!! "Bring them on" is her Battle Cry!!!

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