Genetically engineered bodybuilder becomes a Space Girl Warrior

muscular cyborg posing naked with laser gun
muscular cyborg Rhonda Lee posing naked with a laser gun

Muscular cyborg Rhonda Lee is a genetically engineered warrior who joined the space girl forces after the alien invasion. Rhonda was a bio hacker for years and did a lot of research on the CRISPR Genome Editing technology. Little by little the pierced girl turned herself to a super strong man, who also grew boobs. Outraged with the alien invasion, the strong woman became a valuable  asset to the space girl squad. With her genetic experience she began converting many girls to super strong individuals, enhanced with super natural abilities. In this episode you can see the sex cyborg showing her class different ways to avoid the powers of the alien mind controlling devices…The high resolution sci-fi gallery is posted below. Enjoy! Stay tuned for more!

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