Big Tits Soldier Spanks Round Ass Newcomer asserting military discipline

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Paris Kennedy and Julie Simone in Military Discipline

Femdom lesbian art with Julie Simone and Paris Kennedy. Busty Julie is a sergeant in the army and has to keep her squad under strict discipline, especially during deployment. The strong babe caught the newcomer Paris Kennedy masturbating in the ditch, under enemy fire and not covering her brothers and sisters. After the incident the muscular sergeant brought the round ass newcomer to the nearby satanic church, where Paris had to undress her uniform. The sergeant chained the naughty soldier to the satanic cross in a bend over position, exposing her big round ass, stretching camo panties. The sergeant began spanking the creamy booty, until it got red. Then she clipped the soldier’s nipples and left her chained to the cross overnight. Paris never forgot the lesson and became a great soldier earning a purple star. The high resolution art gallery is posted below. Enjoy!

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