Faith War Part 4 – Lesbian Vampire Bites Father Angelino

lesbian vampires attack priest during exorcism

Lesbian vampire Victoria Knight bites father Angelino in the final part of the Faith War Saga…When the strong in the faith priest came back to the dungeon, he was shocked to see the demoniac ghosts fucking the lesbian vampires Isabella and Victoria. Scared of the priest, the dirty ghosts disappeared immediately. The father pulled his silver sword and the vampires began screaming out of fear. Angelino quickly took control of the situation, but one of the vamps was able to bite his wrist. The priest quickly pulled his silver cross and began chanting sacred words in Sanskrit,¬† bashing the evil spirits away from his body and purifying his blood…The high resolution photo gallery is posted below. Enjoy! Stay tuned for more.

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Space Vampire Lea De Mae

busty vampire holding cross

Busty space vampire Lea De Mae coming from the other side of the universe to “help” the space girls fight the alien invasion. Round creamy ass Lea is a representative of the vampire race, which was cast out of the planet Earth for centuries. The vampires were captured by warrior priests, put on spaceships and sent to a colony in the Casio-penis Galaxy. Now thirsty for blood and revenge, Lea De Mae, decided to take advantage of the chaos during the war and attack the earthlings and suck their blood. In this gallery¬† you can see the horny vamp playing with her sword, dildo and silver cross in her space ship. The dirty vamp was planning to pretend to be an exotic dancer and lure man and lesbians at night and bite their necks. The horror sex art gallery is posted below. Enjoy!

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Faith War Part 2 – The Exorcism of possessed by demon nun

demon bansihed from dirty nun

The faith war continues with father Angelino trying to banish the demon possessing nun Isabella. First the warrior priest separated the fighting nuns. He decided that it is time to remove the demon, as the demon has become very aggressive.¬† There was no time to bring the nuns to the Rome for experiments. So the brave father began performing the exorcism…at some point the demon pretended that its gone and Isabella looked normal. The vampire nun tried to seduce the strong in faith priest, which indicated that the demon was still inside her. Father Angelino prceeded with the exorcism and after 12 hours the nun began squirting blood and cum and the out of this world alien spirit came out. The brave priest quickly apprehended the evil spirit and freed the fetish nun from possession. The horror sex image gallery is posted below. Enjoy! Stay tuned for part 3.

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Faith War Part1 – Vampire Nuns Fight Locked in Dungeon

vampire lesbian nuns fight in dungeon

Lesbian vampires hungry for blood fight in the horror torture dungeon. In this episode we can see two lesbian nuns caught by warrior priests locked up in the dungeon of the monastery. The nuns were actually dirty vampires who were disguised, hunting for actual nuns. Now locked up for months, waiting to be transported to the Vatican for experiments, they were hungry for blood…Super hungry one of the vampire nuns jumped and attacked the other one. A fight broke and the lesbian vampires began biting each other. Their screams could be heard for miles. Father Angelino showed up with his silver cross and was able to confine the nuns and chain them up to avoid farther fights. The high resolution photo gallery is posted below. Stay tuned for part 2!

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Busty Goth Model performing Satanic Rituals

Big Tits Goth Girl possessed by satan

Tattoo girl Domiana came to our studio to model a leather corset for a company producing fetish lingerie. Our photographer began taking pictures on the Goth set, when Domiana’s behavior completely changed. She began talking in unknown language and stripped her fetish clothes exposing her big tits and covered with tattoos body. Then the Gothic girl began kissing the skull prop and licking the blade of an axe. But that was not enough, the fetish model grabbed a wooden cross, hanging on the wall, and began rubbing her clit. It looked like we were witnessing a demonic possession…The satanic art gallery is posted below. Check it out and find for yourselves…Enjoy!

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