Faith War Part1 – Vampire Nuns Fight Locked in Dungeon

vampire lesbian nuns fight in dungeon

Lesbian vampires hungry for blood fight in the horror torture dungeon. In this episode we can see two lesbian nuns caught by warrior priests locked up in the dungeon of the monastery. The nuns were actually dirty vampires who were disguised, hunting for actual nuns. Now locked up for months, waiting to be transported to the Vatican for experiments, they were hungry for blood…Super hungry one of the vampire nuns jumped and attacked the other one. A fight broke and the lesbian vampires began biting each other. Their screams could be heard for miles. Father Angelino showed up with his silver cross and was able to confine the nuns and chain them up to avoid farther fights. The high resolution photo gallery is posted below. Stay tuned for part 2!

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Evil Space Girls Fucked by Alien

costumed alien male fucks kinky lesbian girlsCaptured and corrupted by the Alien baby mind spacegirls Victoria Knight and Isabella Camille were enslaved in theĀ  breeding lab, where dirty sexual experiments were performed on daily basis. The alien breeders were trying to create a new breed of leaders to take over and continue their dying race. The lab has turned into a group sexual orgy destination, where the kinky lesbian babes performed all kinds of sexual experiments, not limited to fisting, anal porn, DP and alien sex machine fuck. Orgasm after orgasm they were getting closure to produce the best alien breed ever. The sci-fi sex gallery is posted below. Enjoy!

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