Space Vampire Lea De Mae

busty vampire holding cross

Busty space vampire Lea De Mae coming from the other side of the universe to “help” the space girls fight the alien invasion. Round creamy ass Lea is a representative of the vampire race, which was cast out of the planet Earth for centuries. The vampires were captured by warrior priests, put on spaceships and sent to a colony in the Casio-penis Galaxy. Now thirsty for blood and revenge, Lea De Mae, decided to take advantage of the chaos during the war and attack the earthlings and suck their blood. In this gallery¬† you can see the horny vamp playing with her sword, dildo and silver cross in her space ship. The dirty vamp was planning to pretend to be an exotic dancer and lure man and lesbians at night and bite their necks. The horror sex art gallery is posted below. Enjoy!

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Creamy Ass Busty Rubber Vixen applying to the Space Girl Academy Part1

huge tits fetish girl in futuristic art pictures

Creamy round ass Jewell Marceau posing and teasing during her acceptance test for the Space Girl Navel Academy. In these dirty sexual tests the women are free to present themselves any way they would impress the jury. The jury looks for unusual sexy girls, who will be trained as dirty fetish spys, who do not obey any morals or society values…In this first part of her test huge tits fetish model Jewell showed up in full rubber costume, fit to show her beautiful curvy body. Wearing high heels latex shoes the kinky babe began posing and teasing in super dirty ways, which caught the attention of the jury. The high resolution photo gallery covering part 1 is posted below. Stay tuned for part 2, where the fashion model will show her skills of holding her orgasm and being indifferent, during a big dildo pussy drilling…

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Latex Model Ivy Red in training to become a Space Girl Warrior

latex model with a sword

Long legs fashion model Ivy Red presenting her fighting skills in front of the Spacegirl Election Commission. The blonde babe shows her skills with handling a titanium sword made on planet Pussea. Dressed in leather costume the pierced model showed her perfected skills of fighting multiple alien opponents appearing around her as holograms. At some point Ivy got hot and horny and decided to show her seductive spy skills too. She removed her latex panties and began stretching her spider web bra. Overall her performance was really strong and Ivy Red was enrolled in the Spacegirl squad. The high resolution image gallery showing her performance is posted below. Enjoy! Stay tuned for more!

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